Outsourced Controller

Every Agency is unique. The way in which you provide service to your clients and manage your business is one-of-a-kind.

But accounting functions remain the same. We offer our assistance when your agency is starting to feel growing pains.

When Bookkeeping is not enough, or you are having difficulty finding the time to manage your accounting staff - we are here to help.

Monthly Retainer Fee at Advanced Accounting Rate

Services Include:

  • Bank Reconciliation & Analysis
  • Monthly/Quarterly Financial Statement Preparation with Executive Summary
  • Internal Control Management
  • Process Streamlining & Improvements
  • General Ledger Review
  • Fixed Asset Maintenance including Depreciation & Amortization
  • GAAP Compliance (Accrual vs Cash)
  • Year-End Tax Preparation
  • Creating a Budget
  • Audit of Accounting Transactions
  • Commission Review
  • Producer Analysis Reports
  • New/Lost Business Reports
  • Cash flow Analysis

Ask me about our "Flat Rate" Packages & Individual Training Sessions!

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